Beer Can Collectibles

I remember vividly as a young boy the collectible beer cans my Dad proudly displayed in his pool room in the early 1960's through the mid 1970's. He started his collection before the hobby had gone mainstream, and it was a pretty cool sight. When the entire room had finally peaked of wall to wall beer cans, he decided he'd had enough. Companies were producing fancy label cans left and right just to meet the demand of these new collectors and it just wasn't fun or meaningful anymore.

That craziness of producing novelty labels didn't last though, and today's beer can collectors are very knowledgeable and often have some very beautiful vintage can displays to show off. Today, the most prized cans are the pre-1960 flat top and cone top cans. These old beer cans are works of art in both the label and the style of can. True collectibles, and that is what this site is focused on.

It's amazing how many good cans are still out there if you know where to look. People find them everyday in their parents, uncle's or grandparent's attics, basements, garages, sheds and old abandon cars and shacks! The paint on these old cans was thick and often they can be found well preserved. If a person is not interested in collecting beer cans, they will often put them up for sale on eBay.

This is great news for us collectors! Because of the internet, never before in history has it been easier to find specific or elusive cans we need to complete our collections! Often fantastic deals can be had because these sellers have no idea of the value of the cans they possess. Imagine finding an old Brockert Pal Ale J-Spout or a Hamms from Baltimore in good condition and at a bargain price! It happens everyday.

You must be registered with eBay to buy, it is free, takes less than a minute and well worth it. You can still browse their site all you want without signing up but you won't be able to purchase any of those fantastic collectible cans!

From rare conetops, flat tops with instructions or even some crowntainers, folks all across the country are finding and listing these old collectible beer cans daily. We've even seen a few genuine paper label cans, the old Ebling from the 1930's and a few Gluek's Stite crowntainers from the 1950s showing up on eBay and online classifieds! It's not uncommon for a Schlitz Malt Liquor can from the 60's to turn up more than a few times a month either!

Of course, the super rare finds are not every day occurrences but they do happen and it could happen to you! On this site you'll find it easy to search for and obtain old cone tops for your collection like Milwaukee, Schmidts, Blatz, Schlitz, Falstaff, Koehler, Old German, Pabst, Genesee and many more beer brands and breweries from the past along with countless flat top beer cans, zip tops and even some old crowntainters and J spouts!

Be sure to check out our informational articles! Learn some can collector slang or read about the history and evolution of can manufacturing and how breweries had a major role in the industry. We've created an extensive breweries list that is in alphabetical order by state which were in business between 1935-1960, a great resource for finding beer brands that may be worth collecting! .