Vintage Spuds MacKenzie Collectible Memorabilia

The Anheuser-Busch Beer Company created a classic icon with their white English bull terrier named Spuds MacKenzie. This striking dog has an oval face and a black circle around one eye. The beer company introduced television viewers to Spuds in 1987 during a Super Bowl commercial, and "The Original Party Animal" was born.

Spuds MacKenzie T-Shirt 1986-Bud Light Beer

Initially, Spuds appeared with three pretty girls who were called the "Spudettes" while the group skateboarded, played hockey and danced on television screens all over the country. A female dog by the name of Honey Tree Evil Eye portrayed the character of Spuds, and the TV ads brought the breed added popularity in the late 1980s with people adding this type of dog to their families.

Spuds merchandise outsold other popular 80s icons such as Max Headroom and ALF. In 1987, he was even given the honor of marketing dog of the year.

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Spuds MacKenzie was retired at the age of six when several drunk driving groups and school officials began to protest. Honey Tree Evil Eye spent the rest of her days at home in North Riverside, Illinois and sadly died in May of 1993 from kidney failure at age 10. Fortunately, the memory of this classic terrier lives on. Additionally, the beer company produced a large amount of merchandise, which has become collector's items today.

Spuds MacKenzie lighted bar statueSpuds MacKenzie Statue Lit up in dark
This lighted statue is perhaps the most sought after Spuds collectible on the planet!

The light up Spuds figure display lamp has been popular with collectors. A limited number of these lights were sent to stores and bars that stocked Budweiser beer. Originally, the lights were handed out in 1988. However, collectors should review their product carefully as many of these lights are in poor condition and have been yellowed by exposure to cigarette smoke. The light has an on/off switch located on the bottom and stands about 15 to 16 inches high.

The Spuds light depicts this cute mascot wearing a turquoise sweater with the Bud Light logo on the front. Spuds tongue is hanging out in classic puppy style and he appears to be smiling at you. The light is molded with the dog sitting down and when he's turned on, Spuds head glows. The light can be replaced with two 10 watt bulbs, which are the small night light bulbs. Most of the lamps are dated for ultimate collectability, and the item is a great find for all serious collectors of beer memorabilia. The lamp is meant to grace the shelf of a recreation room or guy cave.

Vintage 1987 Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light Christmas Sweat ShirtSpuds MacKenzie Hot Doggin' T-Shirt 1980'sSpuds MacKenzie Cap/Blue/Oto Taiwan
Spuds MacKenzie shirts & hats were very popular in the 1980's.

A unique 1986 version of the 3D light can be found with the name Spuds embroidered on the shirt. Furthermore, Anheuser-Busch released promotional outfits for Spuds to wear. The outfits include a tuxedo, beach gear and a cowboy outfit that is placed on Spuds with Velcro. The cowboy outfit features a hat for added detail.

Another collector's item to consider is the Bud Light Spuds MacKenzie Dog Bar Light with a pull chain to turn the light on. The lamp is 18 inches high and features Spuds wearing his classic pullover turquoise sweater. A framed picture of the popular dog can be hung on the wall of collectors who invest in merchandise representing Spuds.

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The famous Spuds MacKenzie mascot produced a variety of memorabilia such as the Halloween mask, which depicts Spuds head while wearing a party hat that says "Bud Light." The igloo cooler would be a unique addition to any barbeque along with Spuds Styrofoam cup holders to keep drinks nice and cold. Another drink option is the thermal mugs, which will keep drinks warm, longer. Additionally, the Spuds MacKenzie red jacket and turquoise visor will place the wearer back in the 80s fashion apparel.

Vintage 1980s Spuds MacKenzie Beer Glass Mug SetVintage 1986 Bud Light Spuds Mackenzie Thermo Mug Stein
Glasses, mugs & steins are another popular Spuds collectible.

Collectors have plenty more to choose from with the merchandising department at Anheuser-Bush designing pins with Spuds wearing a football outfit. Furthermore, holiday paraphernalia is hard to come by, but determined collectors will find Fright Night display ads, Bud Light Santa Claus packaging with Spuds and even Christmas cards that include the famous dog.

Die-hard collectors can stock their kitchen with Spuds merchandise glass wear such as large beer drinking glasses, beer-steins and platters to match a dinner spread. Refrigerator magnets with multiple styles are a great way to hang refrigerator art and important notes. Also, the variety of posters for wall decoration is vast with choices that include city locations, sports portrayals and the "Spudettes." City poster collectors will find Chicago, Padre Island and New Jersey while sports fans will enjoy the "Hang Ten" poster of Spuds riding a wave on a surfboard.

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The beer company used ingenuity for their Spuds MacKenzie advertising and placed the famous dogs on umbrellas, credit cards and duffle bags. Children can fly kites with a likeness of Spuds and play with a miniature pinball machine along with snuggling a plush of the white canine. Moreover, adults have the option of purchasing a Spuds Bic lighters to ignite the occasional cigar and play poker with cards that feature the popular puppy.

Lighted Spuds MacKenzie Bar SignSpuds MacKenzie Dog Bud Light Sign/Tin
Every bar in town had at least one Spuds sign on the wall in the late 80's!

Apparel was a big part of merchandising for Anheuser-Bush, and collectors can now locate T-shirts, ball caps and footwear. The Spuds MacKenzie wristwatch makes a nice gift and the 10 inch thermometer is perfect for any collector's porch. Die-hard Spuds' fans may consider purchasing a store display to complete their assortment of Bud Light memorabilia.

In the 80s, buttons were a way for people to display their preferences for a vast number of snappy sayings, beloved rock bands and popular mascots such as Spuds MacKenzie. Therefore, collectors will appreciate the large amount of buttons that can be found for their display.

Investing in Spuds MacKenzie merchandise is a great way to keep the past alive and remember this popular 80s dog. Spuds collectible memorabilia adds a fun atmosphere to today's décor, and parents will enjoy reliving their PG-rated exploits with their children.