Vintage Collectible Beer Toys

How to Find Information About Vintage Beer Toys Online

Some items of breweriana are easier to unearth than others. But when it comes to things like vintage beer toys you might need to put a bit of extra work into the search process. Luckily the internet can help you find the toys you might be after – you just need to be prepared to do a bit of searching.

Where do you begin?

Think about what you want to search for first of all. If you are looking in general then all you do to start with is to type 'vintage beer toys' into the search engine. If you are using Google you can click on the shopping link to see whether there are any specific items there you might want to look at more closely.

Matchbox Collectible Beer Truck Die Cast Moosehead1993 Matchbox of a 1910 Renault Kronenbourg Beer TruckMatchbox Convoy Collectibles KW COE Michelob Beer 1998
A few of the many collectible Matchbox toy beer trucks produced over the years.

Toys can fall into all kinds of sub categories though, so remember that a general search will reveal all kinds of things. This is the better search to do if you're not sure what to look for. For example when we did this search we found some vintage dice featuring vintage Heineken slogans and images. Similar dice sets for lots of other beers were also found during the same search.

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One eBay seller had a whole range of vintage playing cards for sale, including a set dating from the 1930s featuring Simonds Beer. This was also found as a consequence of doing a general search on Google, so you can see it can be quite surprising what you can find.

Vintage Cast Iron Beer Wagon w/Driver-18 BarrelsVintage Cast Iron Budweiser Clydsdale Horse Beer WagonVintage Schultz Beer Wagon Cast Iron
Cast iron horse drawn beer wagons are a popular collectible.

What about a more specific search?

This is also quite easy to do and you should consider moving onto this step if you have an idea of what you are looking for. You can either look for a specific beer like Heineken, Miller or something similar, or you can look for specific items that may have come from any kind of brewery.

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One thing to remember is that not all toys are still able to be played with. So the word toys is really used to describe what these items were, not what they are now. A great example is a Barclay's Beer truck, which turned up for sale online recently. Barclay's Beers date back to the 1800s and while the toy truck doesn't quite date back that far you can still see at a glance that it was made many decades ago.

Vintage Barclay USA Toy Beer TruckVintage Marklin HO Scale Carlsberg Beer CarVintage N Gauge TRIX Hackerbrau Bier Wagon/West GermanyVintage Beer Smurf PVC Figure 1975 Peyo Schleich

Of course toys can relate to soft toys as well. Hamm's Beer released a number of soft toy bears a while back and these can sometimes be found online too. In truth you just never know what you will find or how many of them you will end up collecting. You should look in local yard sales and similar venues as well as online, because there are countless different toys out there that relate to beer in some way.

Toys may not be the most popular item to find or collect, but there is still a place for vintage beer toys today.