Vintage Beer Signs/Bar Light Decor

The Unusual World of Vintage Beer Signs

Every beer needs to be advertised so you shouldn't find it too hard to locate a range of vintage beer signs, both of the neon and the non neon variety. Indeed if you have a wall or two in your home that needs brightening up, you might decide to give it over to a wide range of these beer signs.

1970s Genesee Beer 3 Sided Lantern Coach Light SignVintage 1977 Miller High Life Lighted Bar Ad Sign1970s Grain Belt Beer Light Up LanternVintage Stroh's Beer Bar Sigh w/Light 1970's
Just a few of many collectible lighted beer signs from the 1970's era.

The good news is that there are plenty of them around. If you have access to the internet it won't take you long to find a plethora of great signs to buy. They're not all on auction sites either="lots of them are available on all kinds of other websites. You'll also find a handful of specialist sites dedicated to these types of brewing memorabilia, so check those out as well.

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Are they genuine vintage beer signs or reproductions?

This is a question you'll probably want to ask if you're thinking of collecting a range of these signs. If you're eager to get the originals it will probably require a bit more searching and also a bigger budget, since you're essentially paying for a slice of history. Always make sure you can get as much information as possible before buying anything, such as the age and condition of the item. If you're looking for a neon sign make sure you know whether or not it is still working.

Vintage Busch Lighted Cowboy Bar SignVintage Hamm's Motion Barrel Bar Flip Lighted SignOld Style Beer Lighted Cut Glass Bar SignVintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Bartender Sign w/Light
Some beautiful hard to find collectible vintage beer signs!

Reproductions are fine if you have a lower budget and you're having trouble locating a genuine sign. The great thing about all these vintage beer signs is that they give you the original sign embossed onto materials such as tin. If you think of some of the famous Guinness advertising campaigns from decades gone by you'll probably find many of these slogans on the signs that can be bought online or at specialist stores.

What's the attraction of these signs?

If you have a home bar of some kind you won't need to ask that question! They can provide the essential touch of realism to really finish it off. You get to hang a slice of history on your wall. It really doesn't matter whether you decide to get reproductions or the real thing – you'll always have that historic feel to appreciate.

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However there is no doubt that an original sign is the best thing to have if you can afford it. A great example is the Pabst neon sign dating from the 1950s. It features the "What'll you have?" question and the famous blue ribbon logo. You should always be aware however that if you are going to buy an original neon beer sign, there is never any certainty that it will work. In fact it may be dangerous to try and use it so find out as much as you can about it and never take it for granted that it'll be able to light up.

Vintage Keystone Light Beer Tin Tacker Ad SignClassic Schlitz Light Beer Bar LightVintage Cook's Goldblume Beer Metal Tin Sign OctagonCollectible Schmidt Beer Coach Lamp Series Bar LightVintage Blatz Light SignVintage Budweiser Bowtie Neon Sign
A few well placed vintage beer signs are a great way to enhance any can collection display!

If you collect beer cans, these signs can really enhance a display! A few well placed signs in your "can room" will add much more appeal than without. And remember, most of these old beer signs are not neon! Sure, the neon is fantastic, however there are many very affordable incandescent and fluorescent bulb bar beer signs out there too!

If you do your homework and figure out which vintage beer signs you like the most, you could end up with a great sign to be proud of that you can hang on your wall at home, and you really won't have to spend a fortune!