Vintage Beer Shirts

How Old Do Vintage Beer Shirts Need to Be to Be Collectible?

When you think about items that are collectible you tend to think they have to be of a certain age. But it's not necessarily the case, especially when you're interested in something like vintage beer shirts. Some of these only date back ten or twenty years, and even then you've also got the opportunity to buy modern shirts that feature vintage designs of beer brands and labels.

Classic Red & White Bud Colors-1980's Ringer T-ShirtBudweiser Vintage Jersey 80's-Powered by BudUniversity of Budweiser Vintage 80's TshirtBud Man Logo on Shirt 1970'sVintage Collectible 80s Spuds Mackenzie Budweiser Beer Dog Shirt
The "King of Beers" has had it's share of shirts and logo's over the years!

What does vintage really mean when it comes to shirts?

When you buy a shirt like this you should find out whether 'vintage' relates to the decal or image on the front of the shirt, or to the shirt as a whole. Some modern t-shirt designers and stores have a wealth of different vintage beer signs you can have printed on the front of your shirt. Some of these include Blatz Bock Beer, Lone Star Beer, Renner's Lager Beer and Presidente Beer. But there are plenty more as well so it's worth looking through all the ones you can get.

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What about genuine vintage shirts? Can you really get hold of them?

One of the best places to find truly vintage beer shirts of this kind is on any auction site online. EBay is the most obvious one, but there are other auction sites out there too. Thrift stores are another fantastic outlet if you have the time. You never know what you'll find at these places, but just one exploratory look on eBay recently yielded the following results.

Vintage 1970s Stroh's Beer Tee ShirtVintage Guinness Beer Polo Rugby Shirt Irish1960's Primo Beer Hawaiian Shirt Aloha Tiki1950's Heineken Beer Cocktail Shirt-Island CreationSchlitz 1970s Vintage Tee Shirt

A great t-shirt with a Budweiser gag on it from the 1980s received a lot of interest for starters. Similarly another Budweiser t-shirt (this time from the Seventies) was on sale for a little over twenty dollars. Indeed there is a glut of Budweiser vintage shirts around, but they are not the only ones you'll spot. A Miller Genuine Draft shirt from the 80s was available on recent listings, as was a Red Stripe Jamaican beer shirt. Also on offer – and perhaps one of the oldest clothing items on eBay at the time – was a Heineken beer shirt from the 1950s. It had yet to receive a bid at the time of writing with minutes left! Some lucky bidder is going to get a heck of a bargain on that collectible beer shirt!

Boston Beer Works Blueberry Ale Vintage T Shirt80's Miller High Life American Racing T ShirtBack View 1980's Miller High Life American Racing Red Tee ShirtFunny Miller Lite Tee from the 1970'sClassic Vntg 80's Coors Beer Red Tshirt

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How much should you expect to pay for these beer shirts?

It all depends on condition, how many were manufactured, demand and whether you're getting a genuine shirt from several decades ago or something from the modern day that has a vintage sign or brand reproduced on it. Quality will also count for a lot so bear that in mind as well. Some of the genuine vintage items will cost you more simply because of their age, and it's up to you whether you want to wear them or display them as wall art. After all they do hark from another age altogether. Generally, an average vintage beer shirt (pre 1990's) can be purchased from $15-$50.

So you can see that vintage beer shirts can date from several decades back. But they can be equally popular when they are just a decade or so old.