Vintage Beer Pens-Pencils

Are There Really Such Things as Vintage Beer Pens and Pencils?

Admittedly it does sound like one of the more unusual types of breweriana. Items that are more common include lighters, beer shirts and even beer mats. But what about vintage beer pens and pencils? Can you actually find such a thing?

Vintage Miller High Life Red Point PenVintage Budweiser Wood Pen
Two nice display pieces="Vintage Miller High Life Pen & Budweiser Wooden Pen

The answer is that you can, but it might just take some perseverance. Some beer brands tend to release more memorabilia than others, one of them being Pabst Beer. One online auction listing had four vintage pencils plus a ruler and pouch for the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand for sale as a jot lot recently.

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>But you can find other similar items around too if you search hard enough for them. A related item that hit the internet recently was a Hamm's Beer pencil holder. It is ideal if you have some of their pencils to put in it, but even if you don't, it would make a nice addition to any collection. It dated from the 1950s and was one of the earlier examples of anything relating to vintage beer pens and pencils.

Vintage Falstaff Mechanical PencilCollectible Falstaff Beer Pencil
Nice Falstaff collectible mechanical pencil.

You've probably heard of pencil toppers – various types of additions that can go on top of a pencil to give it some additional character. If you had a few dollars to spare recently you could have been in with a chance to grab a Krueger pencil topper or clip that dated way back to the 1930s. It showed its age a bit but it was a real blast from the past if you know anything at all about Krueger Beer and Ales.

Vintage Schlitz Ball Point PenVintage beer pen slogan
Classic Schlitz Beer Pen Slogan=""If you don't have Schlitz, you don't have GUSTO."

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If you're looking for various pens and pencils featuring vintage brand named beers, be sure to find out as much as you can about them. Some might be used while others will be in mint condition. The condition will have a lot to do with the price you'll bid or buy them for. The one thing you won't often see when you're looking for vintage beer pens and pencils is the year they were made. Be sure you do your own research on this to find the older ones.