Vintage Beer Hats-Caps

Exploring Vintage Beer Hats

Not all vintage beer related items are that easy to lay your hands on. But when it comes to vintage beer hats you shouldn't have any trouble finding an array of them to consider buying. There are some really unusual items to be found as well. Take the bartender's hat featuring Genesee Beer that dates back to the 1940s for example. It's a simple flat hat that doesn't have a peak, which makes it all the more unusual.

1990's Miller Beer Truckers Hat/Cap-Red SnapbackRainer Beer Captain's Hat Vintage 90'sRainer Beer Hat 1990's RedSchmidt's Beer Vintage 1980s Orange Hunter HatBlack Label Beer Snapback Mesh Trucker HatVintage Busch Beer St Louis Cardinals Snapback Hat
Some nice vintage beer logo hats from the 70's, 80's & 90's.

A lot of beer hats are designed as trucker hats. You'll find lots of modern trucker hats with vintage adverts for beers on the front, and these will look just great in any collection. One example spotted online recently was for Van Nostrand's P.B. Ale, complete with the logo 'October brewing'. A more unusual entry into the vintage beer hats category is the Miller Lite Vintage Pilsner trucker hat, which comes complete with a bottle opener on one side of the brim. As you can see there are some true one offs in this particular area of interest.

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Vintage Pabst Beer Hat Truckers CapVintage 1970s Pabst Blue Ribbon Man Hat/Cool BlueVintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Hat - PBR Me ASAP - Purple
A few samples of collectible Pabst beer hats

It's definitely easier to get hats that are modern in style but feature vintage brand names and marks. True originals don't tend to turn up as often, but they are around and you need to keep your eyes open for them. A recent auction saw a vintage Budweiser hat from 1884 commemorating the Olympics from that year. A Stroh's light beer cowboy style hat also surfaced around the same time, and this dated from the same decade. You just never know what will show up, but if you have a good collection of this kind of memorabilia you have a good chance of adding to it.

Vintage Budweiser Beer Classic Fishing Style HatVintage Budweiser 1990's Hat Cap Nascar SnapbackVintage Bud Light Snapback HatVintage 1970's Budweiser Beer VisorVintage Budweiser Beer Bucket hat
No vintage beer hat collection would be complete without a few Budweiser caps!

It's not all baseball and trucker's caps though. A painter's cap featured in another online auction recently dated from 1985 and had the familiar Miller brand on it in a red logo on a white background. The Budweiser Bucket hats and fishing caps are two classics that sometimes surface on auction sites.

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Whatever caps or hats you choose to collect or wear, there is no doubt that vintage beer hats are incredibly popular and will be around for some time to come.