Vintage Beer Logo Coolers-Old Metal & Plastic Ice Chests

Collecting old beer coolers from days gone bye is a popular hobby today, particularly the aluminum and galvanized steel models of the 1940's, 1950's and even the 60's. When you can find one of these antiques in decent shape, they clean up nicely and make a great addition to any vintage beer room display or collection!

Vintage Miller Beer Picnic Cooler w Padded SeatStag Beer Metal Cooler-AluminumPearl Beer Old Metal Ice Chest
Old metal beer coolers are eye-catching pieces that will enhance any display!

Do you remember how heavy these ice chests were before adding ice and beverages? These monsters usually had a steel handle on each side and it often required two people to lug it around! Of course, they got lighter for the trip home. Between drinking the beer and the drain plug on the bottom to let out the water from the melted ice, it was always easier carrying home!

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Often these classic picnic coolers came with handy features. Of course, the beautiful beer logo was always prominent and it was not uncommon for the lid to double as a seat, complete with padded top! Unlike the disposable Styrofoam of today, these coolers didn't buckle under the pressure and made for some very comfortable seating for outings such as fishing or sporting events!

Usually there was some sort of compartment inside these chests so you could store food items without touching the ice. Some had bottle openers on the sides or configured somewhere within the design of the chest!

Old Schmidt Beer Cooler-Ice ChestAntique Hamms Beer Cooler-Aluminum SteelVintage Schlitz Beer Cooler-Ice Chest
These classic beer logo ice chests are in terrific shape after years of use!

Even the plastic or combo of plastic and steel coolers from the 1970's &" 1980's make great beer memorabilia! These early plastic designs may not be as rare as their steel counterparts, but often they've held up better cosmetically speaking, with the logo's remaining bright and fresh looking!

In time, there were new breweries and beer brands being born and thus more names to promote. Plastic was cheaper and easier to produce, resulting in some pretty cool vintage coolers from the 70's - 90's!

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Whether you are seeking a hard to find steel beer cooler for your serious collection, or just want a piece of American history for your home bar or game room, you can still find a decent looking, working vintage beer cooler to fit your needs at a reasonable price. It just takes a little patience and diligence but the satisfaction of owning a piece of vintage breweriana is well worth it!