Vintage Beer Can Openers/Collectible Churchkeys

Keglined Beer Opener

From the early days of packaging beer in cans, the United States breweries started utilizing their free supplied can openers for advertising. Not only were these church key openers free, they served as a constant reminder to the consumer as to what brand of brew they were drinking. Very clever!

Micromini Can Opener 1960s Schlitz Beer NYMicromini Can Opener 1960s Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer NY
Schlitz and Ruppert Knickerbocker vintage micro mini can openers.

Some of the vintage openers are quite rare today and will really enhance a display of old collectible beer cans. Yet, many more can still be purchased very inexpensively, and that's great news for us hobbyists!

1935 Krueger's Beer Keglined Can OpenerTennent's Cast Iron Beer OpenerBrass Val Blatz Private Stock Beer Opener
Krueger's, Tennent's and Blatz Private Stock Beer Openers

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Whether you are seeking a rare antique beer opener to match a specific can, or just want a few of the more common ones, a couple of well placed vintage openers will surely enhance any beer can display!

Blumer Brewery Gunther's Beer Opener FrontBlumer's Beer Opener Monroe,Wisconsin Back View
Blumer Brewery Monroe, Wisconson/ Gunther's Beer Opener

Even the early cone top openers, which were really bottle openers, had stamped advertising on their thin handles. Brands such as Peter Bub Beer, Kamm's, Fauerbach, Oldbru beer and countless others used advertising on their openers and today make a great piece of beer memorabilia.

Stars & Stripes Beer Opener/Omaha Willow SpringsSheridan Wyoming Beer OpenerNarragansett Beer Opener/Spin to See Who buys
Stars & Stripes, Sheridan and Narragansett openers. The Narragensett is a "Spin to see who buys" opener. What a great piece of beer memorabilia!

Most of us think of the old flat top beer can openers when we're talking can openers. Once the conetop can was phased out, nearly every brewery in the nation gave away the pointed can openers with their flat top cases of canned beer, most with brand name advertising on it.

Vintage Figural Mermaid Opener/Golden Ribbon BeerFalstaff Wall Counter Mount Beer Opener StarrPhoenix Beer/Buffalo's Famous Painted Metal Opener
Figural Mermaid Golden Ribbon, Falstaff wall mount & Phoenix beer openers.

Labels such as Huber, Genesee, Falstaff, Old Dutch, Stag, Coors, Buckeye Beer, Gunther's and many more breweries and beer brands offered these church key type openers for free. Today they make affordable collectibles that go hand in hand with beer can collections.

General Braddock Brewing Co Beer OpenerPiels Lager Beer Opener Slider Opened
General Braddock Brewing Co Opener/Piel's Fine Lager Beer Opener. A slider in open position.

If you haven't already, try adding a few openers to your collection and watch as people start to show more interest in your display! These old beer can openers are cheap and easy to find on eBay and with a little patience you can even find some highly sought after rare openers!

Antique Acme Beer Can Opener
Acme Beer flat top can & opener.