Vintage Beer Calendars

How to Find Vintage Beer Calendars

It's one thing to love a glass or two of beer. But it's another entirely to have an interest in the history of beer. One way you can immerse yourself in that history is to find some vintage beer calendars.

Colt 45 Malt Beer Vintage Bar Sign Calendar1954 Carta Blanca Beer Bullfighting Bar CalendarSchmidts Light Beer Vintage Bar Sign Calendar 1977
While many beer calendars were produced and given to bar owners, only 1 or 2 were displayed.Often these collectibles can be found in perfect condition in storage areas of old taverns!

These calendars come in two different types. For instance it's pretty easy to come across modern calendars that use images from the Seventies and beyond to display for each month. They'll either focus on a specific beer, using various advertising images from the past for each month, or they'll be focused on beer in general. In either case you'll get to see some interesting vintage advertisements and other beer images and paraphernalia on every page. While you may see these calendars for sale locally, the best place to look is online. It gives you the opportunity to look in all kinds of places and also to check out many specialist sellers.

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Looking for dated calendars?

But you've got another option here too if you are willing to spend a few dollars on each calendar you buy. Some vintage beer calendars really are the genuine article, dating from many years ago and giving you the option to buy a slice of history. There are plenty of great examples around but you may need some patience to help you find them.

Vintage 1975 13 month Stroh's Beer CalendarVintage Labatt Light Beer Bar CalendarOld Bar Calendar-Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
A few popular bar calendars in 3 different styles.

One of the best sites for finding such calendars is eBay. Many private sellers will put calendars up for sale, often at auction to see how much they can get for them. A recent vintage pocket calendar from the very early Seventies was up for sale at a starting price of $9.99. This is just one example though" you can find calendars from the US and all around the world if you keep looking.

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Watch out too for vintage calendars that are actually formed from a sheet of metal. This is a perpetual calendar that can be used over and over again. If you find one of these dating back a few decades it will be a wonderful addition to your collection of vintage beer calendars.