Vintage Beer Menu Boards

The Rarity of Vintage Beer Chalk Boards and Menu Boards

It's strange how some items of breweriana are harder to find than others. Certainly it would seem that vintage beer chalk boards and menu boards are not as eager to be found as, say, beer trays. However this can mean they are worth more if you are lucky enough to find one or two that are in good condition.

Vintage Iroquis Beer & Ale Food Menu 1953Vintage Duke Beer Display Price BoardVintage Molson Golden Canada Beer Menu Board
Some nice beer boards. The Iroquis is a food menu cover.

Furthermore if you do persevere and hunt around online and elsewhere for these boards, you could well find some real gems. One great example popped up online recently in the shape of a vintage Guinness menu board from the 1950s. Still in excellent condition it featured the slogan "for goodness sake drink Guinness" with a message underneath saying "today's specials". The rest of the board was blank to allow for messages to be written on it in chalk. A similar board from the Fifties advertised Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the bottom, leaving the top part blank for a chalk message.

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The vintage beer chalk boards obviously allow people to write additional menus and messages on them. But not all boards are like this. Many menu boards are made from metal and advertise a beer and perhaps other items as well without allowing any other messages to be added. The Ballantine Ale and Beer metal board from the late Fifties or just beyond is a classic example of this. The bottom half of the board featured a tasty looking sandwich with a Ballantine Ale next to it.

Watney's Red Barrel Beer Chalk Board 19881988 Busch Beer Dry Erase Menu BoardBudweiser Beer Mirror Chalk Board Sign
Lunch specials or 6-pack prices were displayed on these beer boards.

The main advantage of these boards is that they look just at home as a piece of modern day wall art as they always did outside a café or bar. If you're lucky enough to get one in good condition (and many of them are) you'll be able to use it to grace a wall of your home. The vintage beer chalk boards and menu boards provide an excellent window into the past, and even though they are quite rare you can still locate some real gems when you try. Why not give it a go yourself to see what you can find?

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