Vintage Beer Ashtrays

Just How Popular Are Vintage Beer Ashtrays?

A beer ashtray with branding or logos used to be pretty common, but nowadays it has developed the aura of a classic piece from years gone by. The good news is that those old vintage beer ashtrays are very popular among collectors, and if you know where to look you'll be able to start a collection of your own.

1930's O'Keefe's Ale Porcelain Ash TrayGuiness Stout Beer Bar AshtrayHarp Lager Beer Gresley Bar Ashtray 1950'sVintage 1930 Labatt's 50 IPA Porcelain Beer Ashtray
Some nice collectible pre-1960's bar ashtrays. The two end ones are from the 1930's.

The very fact that these ashtrays are not so socially accepted nowadays means the old versions from decades gone by are real winners when you can get hold of them. You may need some perseverance to be able to do this though – not all collectors are willing to part with their spoils!

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Are some beer brands more popular or more accessible than others?

Yes you'll find you might have to pay more to get your hands on certain vintage beer ashtrays. Always find out as much as you can about the quality and condition of every item before you bid or buy it; it can affect the price.

Antique Cast Iron Yeungling Beer Ashtray
Cast Iron Yuengling Ashtray

Some items are listed online for a specific price. For example a Pabst Blue Ribbon vintage ashtray was sold for just four dollars recently, so you can see there are some bargains to be had. Another recent example saw a vintage Lucky Lager Beer Bakelite ashtray receiving an initial bid of less than four dollars. If you happen to be the only one bidding on an item, you'll certainly get it for a lower price. Very often there won't be too many bidders on them, good news for us collectors!

Hamm's Beer Glass Barware AshtrayVintage Ceamarte Hamm's Beer Ashtray-Made in BrazilVintage Jax Beer AshtrayVintage
Two very different designs of advertisement ashtrays from Hamm's & JAX beer.

It should be noted however that these ashtrays are not as popular or as expensive to buy as some other types of beer memorabilia. This means that if you do want to start a collection you could be able to do so without much investment. It's also worth looking for job lots of beer ashtrays that are being sold off; you can often pick up some great bargains from the pre-Seventies period.

Vintage Stag Beer AshtrayRed Porcelain Enamel Gibbons Beer AshtrayClassic Vintage Budweiser 1930 Molson's Ale Porcelain Cigarette AshtrayWarsaw Brewing Ashtray

"Collectible beer branded ashtrays like these are often found on eBay at very reasonable prices! A great enhancement to any brewmania display!

Vintage Michelob Beer Porcelain AshtrayPecheurd Alsace French Fisherman Beer AshtrayOld Olympia Beer AshtrayKaier Beer Brewing Company Ashtray-Mahanoy City, PADrewry's Green Tin Beer Standing Ashtray/Trash Can

In any event, collecting vintage beer ashtrays is a good hobby and it can allow you to look back through the history of beer drinking in an entirely different way. These pieces also make great enhancements to your old flat top or cone top displays!