Flat Top Beer Cans

Finding the flat top beer cans you need for your collection is easier than ever in today's high tech internet world. With auction sites like eBay available to us, beer can collectors from all levels and locations are adding some once elusive cans to their displays with relative ease, and at bargain prices too!

Whether you are a hard core collector or brand new to this hobby, internet auction sites are worth looking into. While we all want a few nice cone tops in our collection, it's the flat tops that offer more variety and better condition at very reasonable prices.

Budweiser Flat Top Beer Can Fitz Beer/Flat Top Collectible Can/Williamsett, MA Vintage Goebel Flat Top/Detriot, MI JAX Beer Flat top can Pilsers Maltcrest Flat Top Beer Can/Trenton, NY Regal Flat Top Beer Can/Anheuser Busch Schaefer Flat Top Beer Can Silver Cream Beer Flat Top Can
Flat tops like these typically sell for $5-10 on eBay, often even less than
that if you don't mind a few slight marks or flaws!

Imagine finding an old Lone Star, Valley Forge or Pfeiffer's flat top beer can in good condition at a super low price. It happens all the time! People find vintage beer cans in mint condition everyday across the USA while cleaning out relatives houses, barns, garages or attics. They take a quick look on eBay, see they are selling well and list their own finds on eBay to make a few bucks.

"Find a huge selection of collectible flat top beer cans on eBay at bargain prices!"

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Pabst   Schlitz   Ballantine   Old Crown   Genesee   Stegmaier
Rheingold   Burgermeister   Duquense

This is great news for beer can collectors! The selection is fantastic and when these people post their old beer can auctions, they often under-price their old steel flat tops. To many of these sellers, they are just "junky old beer cans" that some crazy people buy! Good deals are found everyday and many savvy collectors visit eBay on a regular basis.

ABC Extra Pale Dry Flat Top Beer Can Maier Brewing Gluek Malk Liquor Gray Lion Flattop Heileman's Special Export Flat Top Can Old Export Flat Top Beer Can/Cumberland MD Prior Preffered Beer Flat Top Can/Philidelphia-Norristown, PA Reserve Flat Top Beer Can/Chicago Walter's Premium Pilsener Beer/Flattop can Weber Flat Top Beer Can/Waukesha, WI
Old flat top cans like these typically sell for around $10-15, depending on
the condition and scarcity of the brand.

Of course, there's nothing like a good summertime beer can convention, particularly for the seasoned, hard core can collector! Where else can hundreds of like minded people gather together and enthusiastically talk about antique flat top beer cans for days on end?

Bavarian Deep Freeze Flat Top from New Zealand Black & White Flat Top Beer Can/St Claire Old GB Grace Brothers Brewing Flat Top Can Gilt Edge Ale Flat Top Beer Can Gold Medal IRTP Flat Top Beer Can/Grace Brothers Heidel Brau Pilsner Flat Top Can Pabst Bock Flat Top Beer Can w Opening Instructions Pfeiffer Scenic Flat Top Beer Can with Geese Scene
These flat tops are either rare or in pretty nice shape and typically sell
on eBay for $30-40.

These gatherings used to be the only way to swap or buy cans, and while fun, it's not practical or economical for most of us to attend these conventions. The internet and eBay can be used all year round, 24 hours a day and eBay's powerful search tool is a life saver for locating rare, hard to find flat top beer cans.

Alpen Glow Flat Top/CA Brewing Altes Golden Lager Flat Top Beer Can Brown Derby Flat Top Beer Can with Opening Instructions Mitchell's Brewing Co Flat Top/El Paso, Texas Nu-Globe Lager Flat Top Beer Can Pearl Flat Top Beer Can Prost Premium Flat Top Beer Can/Chicago, IL Redtop Beer Flat top beer can/Ohio
These beautiful flat tops typically sell for $50-75 on eBay.  Cans like these
would be very difficult to find if not for the internet!

People will often sell cans in lots. Flattops are relatively light and very easy to ship with little concern of damage. Buying multiple cans in one auction can sometimes yield one nice can that's worth more to your collection than all the rest combined.

Hal's Flat Top Metallic Beer Can/Graphic Design Hamms Steel Flat Top Vintage Beer Can Hudephol Flat Top/Easy Open Aluminum top Krueger Cream Ale Flat Top Beer Can Meister Brau Fiesta Pac Flat Top Beer Can National Bohemian Light Beer Flat Top Can/Baltimore, MD Nu Deal Flat Top Beer Can OI Grace Brothers Old German brand Beer/Flat Top Can
Samples of some much sought after vintage flat tops. Collectibles of this excellent
condition/rarity, will typically sell on eBay for $100-200. Serious collectors are
happy to pay this price if they need it for their collection. Without the internet,
hard to find cans like these would never make it to the display shelf!

Buying flat top beer can lots is also a great way to get started if you are new to collecting. Some of the more common flat top beer brands are very affordable and often these lots will have many nice starter cans within the batch.