Beer Can Lots/Sets-Series

Buying beer can lots is a great way to start a collection or for finding a few gems amongst the clutter. You'll save money too! There are many listings for beer can lots on eBay, from small quantity series cans to large 100 piece random label mixed cans. Cans are light and easy to ship in a box, keeping your costs down while limiting dents and other damage.

100 beer can lot of 60's 70's 80's Assorted beer cans from the 1970's
Can lots like these can be great for starting a collection.

Most of the large lots, say 25 or more cans, are not going to be super valuable cans. These types of listings are especially worth checking out for people wanting to start a collection. Having a jump-start with a nice can display can really put a person in the beer can collecting mood, as opposed to only having one or two cans when starting out. As you learn to spot the more highly sought after labels and brands, you can slowly replace the unimportant cans with better ones.

Mixed Lot of Zip Top Beer CansLot of 11 Wisconsin Flat Top Beer Cans
Nice lot of zip tops and a set of flat tops from Wisconsin.

If you are an experienced collector, you will often find just one or two cans of value to your collection amongst these lots. However, the price of the entire lot can often be cheaper than acquiring the two needed can brands individually.

"The best selection of collectible beer can lots are sitting on eBay at low, bargain prices!"

Over the years, some breweries have put out special series of cans, like the Schmidt outdoor or geese scenes. If a certain brand of beer has been in production for many years, the label or design of the can is often changed, even if just slightly to modernize the look. These types of situations often lend themselves perfectly to selling in lots, even if it's only a small 4 or 6 piece set.

Complete set Straight Steel Schmidt Outdoor Scene CansBunch of Class A Horlachder Brewing Cans/Allentown, PA
Set of Schmidt beer outdoor scene SS cans/Bunch of PB Class A Beer flat tops. Great for trading!

I've seen many lot can listings of a certain brand with cone tops, flat tops, zip tops and Sta tabs, all of the same beer, sold in lots. A sort of "through the years" style listing.

5 Different Off Grade Cone TopsLot of five 16 oz. Flat top cans/FisherHeidelberg-Blitz-Falstaff-Busch
Lot of 5 "rough"cone-tops (off grade)/Set of 16 ounce flattops

Sometimes people will just throw anything in their listings, such as 20 junk 80's Sta tabs and a few flat tops or cone tops! Depending on the condition of the older cans, they could make buying the entire lot a steal because the seller doesn't have a clue about beer can collecting values!

Lot of West Coast Flat top Beer Cans/Golden Glow/Keg/EastsideLot of 11 West Coast Flat Tops Beer Cans
Two separate lots of 11 flat tops from the West Coast

Whether you are new to can collecting and need a jump start on some cans or a hard core, seasoned pro who knows what he's looking for, checking out the beer can lot listings on eBay is worth a look. With so many cans out there, you never know when you will find that elusive collectible you've been hunting forever, hiding out in the midst of a bunch of lot cans!